• Kristin Fast

Understanding Grays

Gray paint colors provide a neutral and calming backdrop for a variety of decor styles. They tend to change according to the of type lighting present in a space. Thankfully, we've studied hundreds of them and narrowed the list down to just a few favorites we recommend. We divide them into 3 categories - cool, warm, and greige.

Cool Grays: These tend to have a bit of blue, or even blue-green, in the undertone. They will sometimes read true gray, but with lots of natural light coming into a space, the blue often shows up a bit more.

Warm Grays: Our recommendations in this category generally have a slight beige undertone. At times of the day, they may appear true gray. At other times, they read more as a fresh, clean version of beige.

Greige: A word that describes colors with almost equal parts gray and beige. They rarely appear truly gray OR truly beige, but rather something in between.

The warmer grays and grieges tend to have more staying power, and can suit a wide variety of decor and furniture.

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