• Kristin Fast

Selecting Whites

Fresh whites can bring a touch of modern class to any home. We divide whites into three categories: Crisp, Soft, and Warm.

Crisp Whites: These tend to be bright and modern, and provide a sharper contrast between walls and trim, when used on baseboards and crown moulding. They can be used as a wall color as well, but at times may appear too stark for a large application. If used as a wall color, we recommend warming up the space with decor that has warm colors such as tans and warm grays, as well as using wood tones and house plants.

Soft Whites: These are not as bright as the crisp whites, but also not qualifying as "off white." The colors we group in this category are generally a safe bet when it comes to coordinating well with most wall colors when applied to trim. They pair well with cool grays and blues, as well as warm beiges. They can also be beautiful as a wall color, and will not appear too stark in most lighting conditions.

Warm Whites: These qualify as off-whites, and will not appear as a true white on the small scale (such as baseboards), OR the large scale (such as walls). When applied to trim and moulding, they are not quite as flexible - they tend to coordinate better with warm tones such as beiges and tans. Used as a wall color, there will be a slight undertone of yellow, but not enough to really be yellow! Just enough to soften them and prevent the room from looking too stark.

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